The Indian Marigold Collection

A Burst of Florals 24K Gold

Capture the essence of India at your dining table with the Indian Marigold Collection featuring stunning hand-painted artwork in vibrant shades of orange and pink, embellished with 24k gold.

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Indulge in Luxurious Dining with Elegant Dinner Plates, Quarter Plates, and Bowls

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Explore our curated selection of tea time pieces, such as luxurious mugs, tea cups, espresso cups, and snack plates.

Unleash a world of opulence

Step into the world of ultimate luxury and style with actress Roshni Chopra, as she flawlessly showcases the Indian Marigold Collection. Experience the perfect harmony of modernity and opulence with striking black and white contrasting against the vibrant floral patterns inspired by the Indian marigold flower.

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Transform meal times into stylish get-togethers

Immerse yourself in Meha's exquisite fusion of the vibrant spirit of India, adorned with breathtaking hues of luxurious orange and captivating pink. Experience the true essence of refined elegance and let your table tell a mesmerizing story of authenticity and opulence.