The Gilded Graphic Collection

Black and 24K Gold

Experience luxury dining at its best with the re-imagined Gilded Graphic Collection. This black and 24k gold elegant dinner set will be the ultimate in formal and elegant dining. Imagine it as a timeless tux for a black tie event.

Discover the Perfect Meal Time Look

Indulge in Luxurious Dining with Elegant Dinner Plates, Quarter Plates, and Bowls

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Discover the Perfect Serveware to Complement Your Luxurious Dinner Set

Upgrade Your Tea Time Routine

Explore our curated selection of tea time pieces, such as luxurious mugs, tea cups, espresso cups, and snack plates.

An Effortless Brunch in Style

Discover the mastery of Chef Ishpreet Anand as she cooks up a trendy brunch and serves with finesse on the Gilded Graphic platters

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When Luxury Meets Bohemian Elegance

Indulge in a lunchtime upgrade with home decor enthusiast, Anshu and our Gilded Graphic collection adorned with lavish 24k gold accents