Indian Marigold Dinner Set

We have done the thinking for you! Shop the pre-fixed dinnerware sets by Kika Tableware to create a beautiful, functional and aesthetically pleasing table setting. 

If you want to buy Kika Tableware for your own home or as a gift, the pre-fixed dinner sets give you all the pieces together that you need to get started.

  1. Choose from the pre-fixed bundles for 6, 8 or 10 people depending on your requirement. 
  2. The pre-fixed bundles contain:
  • Dinner plates - choose the same design or mix and match
  • Quarter plates - choose the same design or mix and match
  • Dip bowls - ideal for serving small accompaniments to the meal
  • Katori bowls - ideal for serving small accompaniments to the meal or for dessert
  • Serving Set: contains all the relevant serving bowls and platters to complete the ideal dinnerware set.

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Our Story

Janaki Kirloskar believes that understated elegance and luxury will never go out of style.

Janaki knew her "why" about Kika Tableware from Day 1 - she wanted
to create a brand in the home decor space that is distinctively
colourful, modern and makes a statement.

Janaki is the 4th-generation of the Kirloskar business family. From a young age, she envisioned herself to be a part of the family business and went on to complete her degree in Industrial Engineering from USA. She immersed herself into optimizing manufacturing spaces and working to build a larger, more comprehensive supply chain for her father, Vijay Kirloskar's business.

After over a decade of working in the family business, Janaki wanted
to spread her wings and dabble in the entrepreneurial and start-up
business space. Kika Tableware was born in 2016, the name "Kika" was
coined by her husband, Rahul and is a fusion of the two people closest
to their hearts - their daughters.

Janaki has always had a penchant for putting together design and colour and she has personally been involved in every step of the process at Kika Tableware - marketing, design, packaging, warehousing, sales, manufacturing and quality. She is determined to set her brand apart in the Indian homeware market.